I'm the Founder of TeamScaler, a SportsTech, Betting and Entertainment recruitment company whose mission is to connect game-changing individuals to game-changing companies.

As an ex Athlete, I have lived and breathed the world of Sports and first hand saw how technology is revolutionising in every sport, at every turn.

At TeamScaler, we hire for technology start-ups and scale-ups across the United States, Europe, and the UK.

We've excited to deliver game-changing individuals that will have an exponential impact on companies trajectories.

Michael Blackwood -
Founder of TeamScaler

TeamScaler works with global Venture Capital & Private Equity backed start-ups and scale-ups, helping to hire game shifting talent quickly and cost effectively.

We specialise in SportsTech, Betting & Entertainment.

With years of experience, our staff have the capabilities and expertise to build teams that take companies to acquisition, merger or IPO.

We not only build teams, we build brand visibility and awareness by targeted sourcing, advertising and marketing. We can work on a one off critical hire or on a longer term basis to really accelerate business growth.

TeamScaler builds incredible teams, allowing YOU to build incredible companies.

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Swiftly connecting you with top talent, because we know time is of the essence in innovation


We hand-pick candidates that match your vision, ensuring only the best join your team


Adaptable solutions tailored to your unique needs, making recruitment a seamless experience


We are more than a vendor, we're your strategic ally in building a thriving & successful team


You can leverage our deep industry knowledge that enables you to find the perfect fit, every time


Transparent, fixed-cost recruitment that delivers value without compromising excellence

Connecting game changing talent to technology companies

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Principal UI Designer at STATSports

“Hiring for my team just got easier with TeamScaler. The candidate pool is also of a high caliber, with many qualified individuals applying for our open positions.”

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Principal Data Scientist at Fitbit

“The TeamScaler team has been incredibly supportive and responsive to our needs, making the entire hiring process stress-free. I highly recommend TeamScaler to any hiring manager looking to streamline their recruitment efforts.”

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Senior Software Developer at Strava

“I have been using TeamScaler for our sports tech hiring needs and I am extremely impressed with the platform. The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it simple for me to post job listings and review resumes.”

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